Allison has been working as an assistant in the dental field since 2013. She completed her Certified Dental Assistant Degree at Platt College, which enabled her to broaden the scope of her patient care. Energetic and enthusiastic about dentistry, Allison is always willing to go the extra mile for her patients. 


Malissa has been working as a dental assistant since 2009. She is exceptionally qualified and specializes in assisting with unique cases, in addition to being crossed-trained on the administrative side of our practice. Malissa is extremely proud to be a part of a dynamic team of professionals and enjoys working in an environment that promotes continuous learning and innovation. Her versatility and attention to detail make her a prized member of our team.


Irina is a 1999 alumnus of the Dental Hygiene Program at University of Bridgeport. Fluent in English as well as Russian, she has been an instrumental part of this practice for over 17 years, having earned our patients’ trust by consistently providing them the highest level of oral care possible. Irina attends many continuing education classes and strives for new knowledge, much to the benefit of her patients.